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Acevil said:
Pemalite said:
Late 90's. Early 2000's on the PC, when developers were mixing genre's and taking risks. *sigh* The golden years... You just don't get games like Sacrifice or Dungeon Keeper anymore.

You cannot take risks anymore, since costs are so high, just look at some games like Tomb Raider and Bioshock Infinite to notice that costs skyrocketed. 

With Tomb Raider you have a point to a degree, although that's Square Enix and we all know the sheer lengths they go to with their needless extravagence.  Bioshock Infinite however is purely a tale of horrible, horrible mismanagement.  It cost a lot but not because it should have. 

Really the problem today is that most of these companies break EVERY rule when it comes to managing a creative venture.  They are factories manufacturing mass inefficiency.  But not all.  Nintendo gets a lot of bang for buck from all their projects.  Even Xenoblade Chronicles X is made by a team and on a budget that is admitted by Takahashi himself to be relatively small for the industry.  Bethesda Softworks manages their business quite well.  CD Projekt Red too.  Sony's studios tend to have a good handle on their costs as well.  What I'm saying is, the cost to develope has gone up but a lot of it is on the management, not the tech.  Shoot, the tech out there is actually making development *easier* in many ways.