Scoobes said:

Well it certainly did in the last American ones, we all know the reason Obama was re elected to serve a second term and it sure as hell had nothing to do with his policies that is for sure.

I want my country back that is not racist. I want to be controlled by my own elected Government not unelected people in Brussels. I want us to be able to control our own borders and refuse entry to who we want.

Makes me laugh the Liberals will shout racist for that, but did you know the open door EU policy is stopping people we actually need coming here?

For example a non skilled worker from Poland has more chance of getting in to the UK than a highly skilled Doctor from India. Where is the fairness in that? We already have enough of our own low skilled workers we should not be importing them.

This is just one example why we need change I could go on all day.

You're very angry. I think you need to stop reading UKIP propaganda. It's mostly bullshit scapegoating of the EU for our own politicians incompetence.

Bullshit propaganda?

When you are older than 16 kid you will realise.

Why is it Farage has been right about 99.9% of things he has said? He is the only politician with balls.

Why is it he the only MEP who actually wants to get him self sacked, if we leave the EU he loses his job. The others are just in it for the gravy train.

Once you hit puberty come back to me and tell me UKIP is propaganda bullshit.

If you are old enough to remotley understand or listen to politics I take it you are one of few things, either a brain washed tree hugging student supporting Lib dems or the green party, a goldfish brain supporting Labour forgetting the mess New Labour did with Mr war crimes Blair opening up our country to invaders  or you love seeing the old, poor, ex service, disabled face cuts cuts cuts while the toffs live the high life and support cons.