SkepticallyMinded said:
CosmicSex said:
For those naive enough to think that voting doesn't matter, be mindful of your own life and aspirations and pick someone knowing that there is always a worse choice. You do this because you don't have any right complaining years down the line when shit hits the fan because there will be a president whether you like it or not.

Except there are only a handful of states where your vote actually does matter due to the system in place. "Every vote matters" is simply not true due to the electoral college. If you're in a state where the race will be close, sure your vote matters. If you're the majority of Americans in resoundingly red/blue states then your vote is essentially garbage if you're voting for the candidate who is not going to hold your state. 

Obviously a popular contest would be best but is simply untre to say that your vote doesn't count because a popular victory is required to win an states electoral points. There is simply no way around that fact.  Furthermore only the GOP in recent memory were able to manipulate the electoral college against the citizens.  In defense of the college... without it, California and Texas could single handedly pick the president.  But none of that matters. All that matters here in reality is that states are won on a popular ballot which in some way protects their sovereignty.