I'm about 10 chapters into Pokemon Adventures. It's okay so far...though Red is kind of annoying. It seems like every one of his Pokemon randomly knows incredibly high tier moves right away, and he keeps winning fights that should be way out of his league. I still don't get how his Pikachu defeated Brock's Onix with a single electric attack. That makes no sense!  

Maybe just because it's a recent manga I read, but Red reminds me a lot of Souma from Food Wars so far. It seems like side characters will lose, improve, and grow as the story progresses...while the MC just seems to win non-stop with plot convenient attacks and situations. I don't expect him to look weak constantly, but some character growth would be nice.

Anyways, Red stuff aside, it's not all bad. Misty is fun, and I like seeing the bond grow between Red and his team. Team Rocket is much more intriguing this time around...especially knowing that Koga appears to be a member. Lt. Surge seems to be up to something as well. I wonder if this will be a theme with the remaining gym leaders, with Giovanni, that's three villains among the eight.  

These are my thoughts so far. Parts have annoyed me, but I'm intrigued by certain plot points enough to keep reading. I just hope some of my concerns are placated as the story goes on.

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