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Eagle367 said:
AmericanAli said:

I would never go to that terrorist hideout that is apperantly your country but i would still easily beat yo ass.

How in God's name or the devil's name will you do that if you are not even in the same continent as me let alone the same room. See that shows you are a troll. Just ask people who have actually been here they will tell you good things so you are missing out. Anyway I know people like you in real life will not engage me like you do on the internet. You are abusing the anonymity the web offers so while I hear the people of USA are nice people and far greater than their government or military, you must be the exception.

- Moderated, Carl

I specifically asked you to cut this out.

He still replayed but you did not ban him. Why? I want justice

Just a guy who doesn't want to be bored. Also