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COKTOE said:
DivinePaladin said:

The plot of the movie is literally the same as the plot of the game with one minor change in character. Hell, it was written by the same guy on both sides (TJ Fixman, writer of the PS3 games onward). I wouldn't be worried about the film. I'd be worried that the film may attract a huge young fanbase that forces the direction of the series to become broader

Hey, it can still go up or down a percent, so don't get in your laurels just yet! I'm still banking on 87!

What is this minor change in character you speak of?

I won't speak in detail, having read the movie novelization and knowing how the game's got a frame story, but Qwark doesn't seem nearly as malicious in the film's plot as the game's. It's almost as if the game is meant to tie very slightly back into GC and the film would jump right past the plot of GC and go right into the next major plot. 

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