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TomaTito said:
Player2 said:

In AD&D you can be a complete jerk. Getting all the gold, spells and healing potions *cough*slide*cough*, not healing partners, triggering traps to hit them...

Have you played the Chronicles of Mystara port? Which version would you recommend?

Might try it, since I also enjoyed Golden Axe and missed this one.

I haven't played the Chronicles of Mystara port so I don't know which one is better. If I remember correctly Veknoid and noname2200 got it.

Communication is very important because teamwork plays a major role. It's common to discuss about things like the path to choose, who gets what, the strategy for the next boss or asking for money at shops. So if performance is the same in all systems, the one you have more controllers for (it's a 4 player game) or offers better communication to play online should be the best option. Wii U has the best d-pad, so that's something else to consider (I guess you can play this with the pad?).

While the setting is similar to Golden Axe, it plays differently. Characters have a lot of moves and are very different between them, there are consumables and gear, shops, secret items and bosses and the path is nonlinear. Spells work similarly to Golden Axe (action stops when someone casts something). Unlike other beat'em'ups where skill is the most important thing, knowledge is the key factor here and clearing it in one credit isn't something crazy if you know how to play your cards well (a lot of my friends, one of my brothers and I did it).