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Swordmasterman said:
Ruler said:

devolopers also want more power just look at these weird resolutions and resolution texchnics to get a little bit more frames from these outdated consoles. Do you think its cheap to optimize it on laptop Hardware?

It wouldnt split the user base because both could play the game, it would be more like PC but streamlined 

There isn't Optimization on PC, what is there is  Settings options, you can chose how you want to run the Game Developers don't need to care if it is optimized, if isn't, the player will just low the Quality and play the game anyways, you cannot do this on Consoles, because of that, a PS4K, would split user base, and piss of Developers.

You clearly do not know wtf you are talking about. Consoles run on APIs which are essentially wrapper code. The developer makes a call, and the API performs it. The PS4 itself would code fork and handle the majority of the changes... especially since the rumors are leaning to upscaling.


Even moreso, engines such as UE4, unity, etc have a second level of wrappers that alleviate port needs.


The gaf leaker has been qouted stating "SLI", and estimates are 2x the speed and considerably more powerful.


They might just simply put 2 die shrunk faster jags in the machine. If they clock it high enough, you might even see ps3 emulation.