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Swordmasterman said:
Ruler said:
Now they only have to release a PS4K for world domination

Would be the Worse decision in the Earth, would open a Windows for Microsoft, to catch PS4, Microsofot, would also focus on PC, and then the Console Market is Dead, nice move.................

i hope you're joking, consoles have been alive from more than 30 years now and they are still very successful.

there are millions of people worldwide who either prefers playing on consoles and/or they don't have a powerful enough pc or don't have the time or money to invest upgrading it everytime so that newer games can run properly on it, etc.

the majority of the gaming community doesn't even know anything about graphic cards, gpu, and things like that, they just like simple things like putting your CD onto your console and play, so the console market isn't going to die anytime soon, it might transform itself and maybe go digital in the future like playing on your tv and paying a suscription like with PS Now instead of having to buy the hardware, but they aren't going to die.