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malistix1985 said:
I really felt like the XBox one was making some momentum, with gears, halo, quantum break, backwards compatibility...

But there are just some things holding it back, VR is a big deal and there isn't much word for XBox and I feel like the games also being released on PC is breaking the momentum a lot right now.

Overal if UC4 and VR, not to mention horizon, turn out like they could this lead could become MUCH bigger this year. Overall that would be bad for competition, we all know how well sony did last time they had a mega hit with PS2 and then made the PS3 :P

And we also knew what happened when PS1, was the Best selling console of all times, they came with PS2, a High Quality console, PS3's Problem was just the Price, and Sony, will not make the same mistake again.