palou said:

9/10, really liked that actually!

Muse sometimes have the tendancy to make their songs very similar, this is not the case this time.

The video kind of reminds me of Michael Ende's Momo, an excellent book (though you probably have already past the age of the target demographic, it's still a pleasant read, try it!)

Here's a beautifull song from Bach with depresing text:

I think it's more of an issue that their commercial songs are same-y, their "hidden" material is really good. They're shooting themselves in the foot actually. And, yeah, I've read Momo back in my school age and I really liked it. It kinda reminds me more of a possibly Tool music video, with all the social commentary and creepy visuals.

8.5/10. I really like Bach's cantatas. I'm more of a fan of the BWV 147, but they're all really good. First time I've heard this though, but, yeah, it's really good. So, talking about depressing.