Volterra_90 said:
palou said:

Nice to see composers on here :) 

Very nice, however, I am under the impression that individual sections are repeated a few times too often - Would be maybe better to have sections with varying length, most shorter, and one longer section in the middle. 7.5/10

Sadly, I can't offer anything original - maybe some day?


That's a terrific performance of the song. Just beautiful. 9.5/10

I'm gonna change the trend into rock music, sorry guys! :P

9/10, really liked that actually!

Muse sometimes have the tendancy to make their songs very similar, this is not the case this time.

The video kind of reminds me of Michael Ende's Momo, an excellent book (though you probably have already past the age of the target demographic, it's still a pleasant read, try it!)

Here's a beautifull song from Bach with depresing text: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VSTDibqXuGo

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