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Heya, Cloud here with a new work to present. Some people may have seen these, but I'm putting these up for anyone who hasn't : D

This is a lil different from whatI usually do. This time it's a bit of sprite art! I've wanted to try it, and I've messed with it before as a kid. So I thought I'd try again, now with a bit more experience. Some of these are old, but works that are fairly recent. They're kinda edits and referenced from other games, but they were made dot-by-dot. So that's... something? Well, here they are.

The 4 eye set is from one of my characters in the style of Danganronpa, at least my attempt at the style. ( I did 4-5 versions and still wasn't satisfied )

The 2nd are vocaloids, Neru and Miku, in the style of 8-bit Mario. Perhaps not so great, I had a blast making them.



And for a bonus, here they are in animated form xD



Dance my pretties!

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