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Cloudman said:
Nuvendil said:

Well I suppose I'll go ahead and post my stuff here.  This from some years ago honestly, back when I was still competing in art contests. 

These are all colored pencil works. 

First up, "Time Keepers" 

Then we have "Tools of the Trade"

And finally, "Finale"

Those are my highlights.  I have other bits of work I might share at some point.  Hope you like those :)

And my appologiest that these are photos (photos of high quality prints no less, if you didn't catch that in the first image :P) and not proper scans.  I have some scans but I don't have the files on hand and I would have to dig around.  And given the size I can't just scan them on any old scanner. 

Woah, now those are niice. The shines on the wrist watch are excellent! It looks like a real deal watch. The pocket watches and chain look really good as well.

The colors and details on the tools are great as well. The very slight shines on them naturally blend with the normal darker colors.

And that frenchhorn... It feels like I can reach out and pick it up. Looks very real and perfect.


Thanks for these addtions. They are very well done!!! D


Thanks Cloud :D


Let me tell you, with Time Keepers, that chain was the bane of my existence.  See, I'm a slow worker and I had that picture only about 50% done on the last official day to work on it (luckily, I also had the weekend I could work on it :P).  I worked 30 hours straight on that thing, from 12:00 noon on a Friday to 6:00pm Saturday and the last thing I worked on was that chain.  That chain has something like 100 links but the original cut before I cropped some of it out had probably over 150 links and about 30 or so in and I was ready to murder someone :P.  

The funny story with the other two is I planned not to repeat the Time Keepers mistake a second time so I picked out my subject and got the photos taken to work from only a couple months after the conclusion of the previous year's contest.  I also figured I go in and dominate both the polychromatic AND monochromatic categories.  I figured doubling the size of the photo (8.5x11) would be the perfect size.  Unfortunately, being the genius I was, I took doubled the length and height to 17x22.  It was a over a month into work before I realized I had actually quadrupled the picture.  But I had already perfected the ellipses and didn't want to start over...sooo there I was again on the very last day working until like 2:00AM.  Not nearly as bad, but obviously it shot my plan to enter both categories to pieces.  I finished the Tools of the Trade after the competition was over, but was still really happy with how it turned out.