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Nuvendil said:

Well I suppose I'll go ahead and post my stuff here.  This from some years ago honestly, back when I was still competing in art contests. 

These are all colored pencil works. 

First up, "Time Keepers" 

Then we have "Tools of the Trade"

And finally, "Finale"

Those are my highlights.  I have other bits of work I might share at some point.  Hope you like those :)

And my appologiest that these are photos (photos of high quality prints no less, if you didn't catch that in the first image :P) and not proper scans.  I have some scans but I don't have the files on hand and I would have to dig around.  And given the size I can't just scan them on any old scanner. 

Woah, now those are niice. The shines on the wrist watch are excellent! It looks like a real deal watch. The pocket watches and chain look really good as well.

The colors and details on the tools are great as well. The very slight shines on them naturally blend with the normal darker colors.

And that frenchhorn... It feels like I can reach out and pick it up. Looks very real and perfect.


Thanks for these addtions. They are very well done!!!



Dance my pretties!

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