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This is gonna be interesting....

1st: Animal Crossing: New leaf (172:55) - Mostly by my sister
2nd: Tales of the Abyss(89:11)
3rd: Super Smash Bros. (Demo) (52:35) - Yes, i spent 52 hours on a demo =_=
4th: Pokemon X(49:17) - Two playthroughs, one my sister, one me
5th Professor Layton: Miracle Mask(46:42) - Two playthroughs again, one my sister, one me
6th: Phoenix Wright(45:59)
7th: Pokemon Omega Ruby(33:09)
8th: Mario Kart DS(30:32) - SCREW THE NEW ONES
9th: Fire Emblem: Awakening(26:21)
10th The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds(25:59)


NNID: b00moscone

Switch ID: SW-5475-6755-1986

3DS friend-Code: 4613-6380-5406

PSN: b00mosconi