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ReimTime said:
Platina said:

Here goes ;)
I may or may not post the YouTube links later because it takes a long time to find them all :p

Underlined good ones, Bolded are even better :p


A Flower Blooming in the Slums [Final Fantasy Crisis Core]

Kakariko Village [A Link Between Worlds

Rising Sun [Children of Mana]
Tower of Flickering Prayer

Chocobo Village [Chocobo Tales]
Mage's Melody

Crayon 07 [Crayon Physics]

Mana Tale[ Dawn of Mana]

A Snow Light [Symphonia/Dawn of the New Wordl]
Desert Flower
Water Symphonia

Heaven's Prayer

Thanks for the contribution! Thanks further if you post the links :)

It posted before I was finished :p

Now I'm (sort of) done

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