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I have different tastes when I study so you may or may not like it.

Studio Ghibli OSTs, preferably Joe Hisaishi's 29 Song Golden Collection. He composes music from all of Hayao Miyazaki's films. They're very pleasing and original. My favorite would have to be Porco Rosso's theme and Princess Mononoke's theme.

As for video games, I love me a good classical soundtrack for studying. And you can't go wrong with Dragon Quest VII's "Memories of a Lost World".

Classical music, and music in general, is very mathematic in nature. It helps your brain process and digest information. I've been listening to classical VGM and classical Anime music since highschool and I made straight A's from Freshmen to Senior. And I was going through the toughest time in my life during those last 3 years. It really soothes you and helps you get your mind off of other things that don't matter.

Some Links For You:

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Those are my suggestions, take em or leave em.