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Here goes ;)
I may or may not post the YouTube links later because it takes a long time to find them all :p

Will go with more calm songs then

Underlined good ones, Bolded are even better :p


A Flower Blooming in the Slums [Final Fantasy Crisis Core]

Kakariko Village [A Link Between Worlds

Rising Sun [Children of Mana]
Tower of Flickering Prayer

Chocobo Village [Chocobo Tales]
Mage's Melody

Crayon 07 [Crayon Physics]

Mana Tale[ Dawn of Mana]

A Snow Light [Symphonia/Dawn of the New Wordl]
Desert Flower
Water Symphonia
Old familiar scent of Iselia
Talk about Sylvarant
A wood carving star
Dry Trail
Lloyd ~ocarina ver.~
The land of Sylvarant

Heaven's Prayer [Dragon Quest IX]
Come to Our Town
Evening in the Village

Emerald Woodlands [Etrian Odyssey Untold]
The Roadside Trees Outside the Window
The Millenial Azure Woodlands
The Withered Forest

Come on, Start the Adventure [Etrian Odyssey Untold 2]
Woodland Ruins
Ever Scarlet Forest
Woodlands of Frozen Flowers
Cherry Tree Bridge

Eternal Wind [Final Fantasy 3]
Hometown of Ur
Town of Amur

Each Story [Final Fantasy Tactics A2]
Peaceful Everyday Life

Dalmasca Estersand [Final Fantasy 12]
Penelo's Theme

The Sunleth Waterscape [Final Fantasy 13]
The Archylte Steppe
March of the Dreadnoughts

Destiny [Fire Emblem Awakening]
Shh... Easy now, Girl. I won't hurt you
You deserved better from me than one sword..
You have power... like mine

Distant Roads [Fire Emblem Sacred Stones]

Select a File [Golden Sun Dark Dawn]
Patcher's Place

Grass Land [Kirby's Epic Yarn]
Flower Fields

Friend [Fire Emblem 12]
Soldiers' Daily Lives

Fellow [Luminous Arc]
Everyday Sunny

The Land of Carnava [Luminous Arc 2]
Under Construction
The Bright Street Corner

Overworld Theme [ Yoshi's New Island]

Spring [Harvest Moon: Mineral Town/Back to Nature]

Ending Theme [Pokemon ORAS]
Lilycove Town
Littleroot Town
Oldale Town
Route 101
Rustboro City
Soaring Dreams
Southern Island

Kiseki [Pokemon XY]
Professor Sycamore's Theme
Snowbelle City
The Sun Shines Down
The Sycamore Pokémon Lab
Vaniville Town

Affectionate Moment [Radiant Historia]
Mechanical Kingdom
Unending Clear Blue Sky

Let's go on [Rhapsody: Musical Adventure]
Little Love
Puppet Princess Theme

Alvanna Village: Part 1 (Arrange) [Rune Factory 2]

Home 2 [Rune Factory 3]
Settlement (Monster Village)
Town (Day)

Spring [Rune Factory 4]

Demise Is No More [Skyward Sword]
Faron Woods
Fi's Farewell
Fi's Theme (Piano Lament)
File Select
Flooded Faron Woods
Goddess Mission
Happy Overture Theme
Inside House
Knight Academy Theme
Lake Floria
Link And His Loftwing
Lumpy Pumpkin
Romance Theme
The End
The Godess Ceremony
The Sky Fields Island
Zelda's Theme

Smash Melee/Brawl/4
{To be added}

Snowball Park [3D World]
Sprixies Theme
World 1
World 3
World 6
World Star

A New Morning [Mario Galaxy]
Chico (Luma)
Egg Planet Galaxy
Rosetta's Comet Observatory 1
Rosetta's Comet Observatory 2
Rosetta's Comet Observatory 3
Starbit Festival
Wind Garden Galaxy

Another Story [Mario Galaxy 2]
Cloudy Court Galaxy
Freezy Flake Galaxy
Green Star (think this name is wrong)
Sky Station Galaxy
The Baby Luma and the Hat
Wild Glide Galaxy
World 1 & 2
World 4

Casvelt Ferry [Tales of the Abyss]
Cheagle Woods
Deo Pass
Fubras River
The Lorelei Order's Base
Theor Forest

Blue Fields (from FINAL FANTASY VIII)
Ronfaure (from FINAL FANTASY XI)
あの丘を越えて(Over those hills?) (from FINAL FANTASY IX)
Aerith's Theme (from FINAL FANTASY VII)
セリスのテーマ (Celes' Theme?) (from FINAL FANTASY VI)
ティナのテーマ (Tina's theme?) from FINAL FANTASY VI)
はるかなる故郷 (forgot this one) (from FINAL FANTASY V)
ローズ·オブ·メイ (FINAL FANTASY IX)《コレクション画面BGM》
愛のテーマ (Love's Theme?) (from FINAL FANTASY IV)
王都ラバナスタ-市街地上層 (Streets of Rabanastre?) (FINAL FANTASY XII)《DLC UI中BGM》

Daily Life [Tides of Destiny]
Fenith Island ~ Evening
Fenith Island
Temporary Island 2
Tides of Destiny

Daily Life [Rune Factory Frontier]
Trampoli Square

Lake Hylia [Twilight Princess]
Sacred grove
Ordon Village

Aryll's Theme [The Wind Waker]
Dragon Roost Island

Hyrule Castle
Inside A House
Kalle Demos
The Fairy Queen
Boss Clear Fanfare

Fairy Spring
Farewell Hyrule King
Forest Haven
Forsaken Fortress
Makar’s Prayer
Medli’s Prayer
Menu Select
Outset Island
Princess Zelda’s Theme
Staff Credits
The Great Sea
The Legendary Hero

The Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary Medley [Zelda 25th Anniversary]
The Wind Waker Symphonic Movement

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