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TheGoldenBoy said:
DivinePaladin said:

I mean it's classic Sony to shoot themselves in the foot and cram several launches so close to one another. They're absolutely horrible at launch dates outside of their biggest titles (which lately they've moved to spring - but now they're movie everything to spring and shooting in the foot again). I keep hoping maybe one day they're gonna realize NOT to release half a dozen titles all at once and then nothing for a couple months, because they're almost Nintendo bad at this since 2009. Insomniac in particular has gotten the shaft with this, and what Sony did to them with Resistance 3 is essentially all they needed to go true third party. Ratchet has a movie coming up and having even a couple extra weeks to simmer gives them a better chance NOT to drown it out. 

Their recent scheduling hasn't been that bad though, excluding delays of course. Uncharted was expected for March and then got delayed into April with Ratchet and now delayed again out of April. I don't think they've done that bad of a job this generation. They've spread their releases somewhat evenly throughout the year, except last holiday.

I mean when you're almost releasing your two big 2016 titles in the same month as Dark Souls you're not doing great with timing. No, I'm not counting The Last Guardian yet, it's not gonna be for real until the week it comes out - and by this point I think it will probably fall by the wayside with how long people have waited and how casual the PS4 market will be by that point. 


And now you're delaying into the sake week as Doom, and the same month as Mirror's Edge, so you risk loosing some sales to the niche. They're certainly doing better than 2009-2013 garbage tier Sony with launches but they could try not to risk killing launch windows when they delay their games three times. 


For reference, I speak from experience and love when I call 2009-2013 Sony garbage in regards to launching games correctly. I've lived through them killing several games just because they didn't want to put the effort into a correct launch, and we've seen the outcome (dropping the price just to hope games fit into a small jigsaw spot). I'm just glad I can enjoy Uncharted 4 like  I wanted to without it having a good chance of killing my favorite franchise. 

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