The use of the word "exclusive" has developed into an interesting discussion of semantics this generation. Lately it's got me reflecting on older games. So, for those unfamiliar with Pokemon Gold and Silver...

It says Game Boy Color on the box, as well as on the Japanese cartridges:

There's no question they are Game Boy Color games, as they do in fact support the "color" feature of the Game Boy Color. However, this same cartridge could be plugged into an original Game Boy (released in 1989, almost 10 years before the Game Boy Color) and be played just fine, albeit without color. This is a somewhat unique situation that applied only to a few Game Boy Color games. Imagine inserting Bloodborne into a PS3 and playing a slightly downgraded version of the game. To my knowledge, this hasn't been done before on other systems, so it presents an interesting question.

There are Game Boy Color exclusives like Pokemon Crystal that could not be played on other Game Boy hardware iterations available at the time. So are Pokemon Gold and Silver, released in 1999 and marketed as Game Boy Color games, considered exclusive to that platform, even though other Game Boy models capable of playing the games had been on shelves for over a decade?