Mr Puggsly said:
Well if thats true then I guess NX is coming this year.

It has little chance of success with 3rd parties Wii sold a 100 million units and still struggled to move core games.

Well I guess Nintendo isnt gonna support my Wii U much longer on top of that.

Still going to insist on that, eh?

Kennel83 said:
cycycychris said:

at them same time, they probably need a team of 15-20 people to port the newest versions of each game to Wii U each release. When you then consider there first release only sold probably 200-300k at most. Which would not surprise me if that trend would continue. So, they need consider whether those 20 people are better off working on this port or working on bigger and better things.

And sadly they choose bigger and better things.

Maybe the market would have been there if they supported Nintendo consoles more. I know I´m by no means an expert on this topic, but if a game sells let´s say, 250k copies at $50 that´s a lot of money, and I don´t know how much would it cost to port games to a Nintendo console, but if they port it with a small team and the result is of great quality, maybe they could start selling 250.000 copies and little by little, build a new market for those "hardcore" fans on Nintendo systems.

What I mean is that they are delusional if they expect to sell 4 million just like that, without making any effort. What I´ve seen from third parties are some good games, and plenty of trash. If they release shitty games that are bad games (I´m not talking about EA now, just in general) how can they complain? 

Maybe any of you can throw some light into this, and explain to me how much would it cost to port a game. 'Cause if they were really loosing money releasing those ports (EA has released only 3 wii u games if I´m not mistaken) then I can totally understand why they stopped supporting the system.

They weren't losing money even though the games were sent to die. With actual effort, those first releases would easily be 500k+ sellers with room for improvement for it's sequels.