John2290 said:

Hey, hey now. Take your Brozac and listen to my Brolonged but shortened from the wall of text I started with (For your Brovienence) you have tickled a nerve.

Can I ask, Brofessor, have you looked obectively at the facts and taken the time to research everything from the basement bombing of the 90's to the origins of the hijackers as well as a the movement of money between the the US, certain families of the middle east and the available info on what the CIA was working on and with who in that area. Now, I don't mind the tinfoil hat "insult" (I love my hat, its full of jewels and swag).

What I do take offence to is the assumtion that I have some agenda. I'm an Irish man, who has taken the time to invest hundreds of hours to come to a reasonable decision on one of the most historic and landscape changing events of my time, A decision take took me years to come to, I have no concern of what you believe or how you choose to look at the subject, I know the want of ignorance, esspecially if you are a Yank, 

Do not assume I have some agenda because i choose to come to my own conclusions on matters that are of importence to ones own conscious awareness of the world we live even if it earns me the loaded title of "Conspiracy theorist",

Good day, Brotector of acceptible truth. Have a Bronderful, Joy filled day and have a better night my good, Bro.

I didn't actually read that because I couldn't get past the inane "bro" stuff.  What's with that?  It looks silly.  Actually, you know what, nevermind.