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Aeolus451 I read all that already, I even stated all that above in the post you quoted. (ei him fleeing aftwards).

Still if we stick to the facts:

1) He got drunk and had a accident.
lots of people drink and drive, and lots have small accidents, his was just bigger.
No reason to condem him to death.

2) He fleed from his probation, and still went drinking afterwards (its not ilegal to drink, but still poor style).

For all you know, he could get help for his drinking issue, never have a car accident again, and be usefull to society.
Isnt that better overall? him being in prison servers no one. It doesnt bring back the dead.

If he wasnt driveing, maybe one of his other friends (that where probably also all drunk) would have droven and maybe be the one that caused the accident? Why didnt any of his friends, stop him? they all chose to get into the trunk with him. Hes not a horrible person, nor are the ones that went into the truck with him. Hes a drunk dude that made a bad choice, unlucky for him, rest of his life is messed up now. Most people that get drunk and drive just get home and sleep it off.