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zero129 said:
Swordmasterman said:

You don't reply for me because you don't have word for Argue ?, Exclusives aways, was, is, and will be, the most important thing to sell a Console, you can create anything you want, if you don't have the public for it, so is Useless.


How much Doom, and Wolfeinstain, sold when launched ?, Doom 1, sold over 1.5 Millions of Units (until 2000), and Doom 2, over 1.8 Millions of units (until 2000), Wolfenstein, in 1 Year and 7 months, only sold 100 Thousands of Units, Quake, needed Quake 1 + Quake 2 + Quake 3 + Quake 4 + Spin-off Quake, to achieve the sales of 4 Millions, and you guys says that is a Tremendous Sucess ?, is not a sucess, not even close compared to the Consoles Best Seller, as i Said, if you have 10 Millions of Players, and sell 4 Millions of units, with 5 games is a big Sucess, but if you have 200 Millions of Players, and sell 3 Millions of units with a game, is just normal, but this does not means that the "Great Sucess" from the small market, is bigger, than a failure of the Big Market.

They can have created the Genre, but they are nowhere popular as you think.

And i need to Remember the Top Sellers of the 90's on consoles ?, Metal Gear Solid, over 7 Millions, Tekken 3, 8-9 Millions, Resident Evil, 9 Millions, Final Fantasy 7, over 10 Millions, Gran Turismo, over 11 Millions, Mario, still sold Multiple Millions of units with all the franchises, Pokemon, sold Dozens, and Dozens, of Millions with just 1 Tittle.

Even on PC, had more popular tittles.


We are talking that the Shooter Games, were Created on Pc, And because of that the games would have to sell better on PC, and the guy with the Dog Photo, was arguing saying that don't sell more on PC, because the people prefer "Plug & Play", when i'm saying, that the genre never was so popular on PC, and that Triple A games, don't sell well on PC, because this format does not work with the Plataform, people purchase consoles for Exclusives, and for Next Gen Games.


The Sims, World of Warcraft, League of Legends, Cross-fire, are much more popular than any Triple A Game on pc, and the PC, will never have a triple A game, even close of geting those numbers, but if the Consoles, had not any exclusive, the people from Consoles would move for PC, the games would be Focused on what is Selling on PC, and would be much hard to get Triple A Games, din't you saw how Sega, Konami, Square, were changing for Mobile, and Panchiko, on the first opportunity ?, Consoles without exclusives would kill the industry.

No i dont reply to most of your posts cos you twist things, try making it look like people are saying something completely different then what they are saying, and then try using alot of mis facts to get your say in.

I mean now you're even trying to discredit the games that started the FPS Genre and make it look like it was consoles that "Really" started it...

And like i said before and this is the last time. No one is saying that exclusives dont move hardware but the is also more to it. For instance i know some people who own a PS4 but all they play on it are 3rd party games, CoD, GTA, Fifa and dont touch any of Sony's exclusives cos the only genres they are into are FPS Open world driving games like gta and football. And you are kidding yourself if you dont think the is many more gamers like this.

But that is not me saying that exclusives dont make a person buy a system, since i only buy systems for exclusives and play all my 3rd party games on PC. But thats cos im a PC gamer and its not as black and white as you try to make it out to be when it comes to exclusives, since the is so many different gamers with so many different tastes.

I'm just saying, that Only because someone created the genre, as you say the PC Gaming, created the FPS, does not means that they made the genre popular, the Consoles are who made the Shooter genre popular, and are who made GTA, what it is today.


Without the  $ of the Console sales, and only with the PC Sales, the Triple A Shooter genre on PC, would be considered "Niche" compared with the Consoles.

Left 4 Dead, is the most sucessful Triple A Shooter on PC, but is also a Horror-shooter game, the other are MMORPG Shooters, like Cross-fire, and Counter Strike.


I'm saying without the PC, The genre would not  be created, but without the Consoles, they would have no reasons, or foundings to make Triple A Shooters, only MMORPG, if Consoles die, and they will if exclusives are on Computer, the Developers will try to mimic the Market leader,  they aways do that, and what would be the Market Leader ?, League of Legends, World of Warcraft, and Cross-fire, are the market leaders, so the whole picture would not be so good.