So it looks like open world games now a days are going for always bigger and bigger open worlds.

Games like Xenoblade X, Witcher 3 and Fallout 4 have massive open worlds.

I personally dont like that.

Big open worlds have several disadvantages:

- feeling empty

- feeling forgetable / not unique

- no bonds between player and world

- long ways


Older games like Gothic got an much smaller open worlds which i liked alot.


Instead of havin like 40 settlements in the witcher 3 which arnt much different to each other and just 2-3 quest per settlement, i would prefer 7-8 settlement, which are highly unique, with unique residents. I want to get 10+ quest per settlement so i will stay there for a long time and get to know the hinterland. I wont need an minimap or questmarkers, i would know my "hood".