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Jazz2K said:
Zekkyou said:

Generalizations like this are little better than the ones where people say stuff like this will kill Xbox.

I know right. I usualy don't participate in this kind of debate but I think this is getting out of hand haha... really! Suddenly so many people were getting an Xbox One... it's the most popular console since QB was announced for PC, hilarious.

I think you might have misunderstood me (that or i'm missing sarcasm) :p I was saying that your generalization, that anyone put off buying an X1 over this stuff 'clearly never intended to buy one', is little better than the one where people claim this will kill Xbox. Both are unnecessary exaggerations.

Will many play this up more than they should? Of course, every fanbase is guilty of that particular brand of nonsense. But implying that anyone who claims to have been put off buying an X1 is a liar, is little better. The reality is that it will effect the decisions of some, and not others. At present, we lack the data necessary to comment much past that point.