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HappySqurriel said: Louie said: The biggest problem the PS3 has is it´s late release. You can cry for Metal Gear and Final Fantasy again and again - at the time the killer apps launch in Japan the Wii will probably have a huge Userbase. A little Story: in 1996 there was a company called Nintendo releasing their new System the N64. Nintendo had been the market leader for a long time, the NES and Super NES sold like hot cakes with cheese. And then Nintendo launched the N64... and it sold less than the Playstation, a console that was thought to fail against the gaming giant. Nintendo´s problems? they released their N64 too late, they used the wrong format... and they were to arrogant to keep the 3rd parties with them. Of course, the console war wasn´t over - Nintendofans claimed: "Wait till Zelda 64 and Golden Eye come out! And wait for the next Rare game!" Then Zelda finally arrived: It sold more than 7 milion copies and was probably the best game ever created in gaming history - but the N64 was too old, the PS was too long in the market to beat it. And so Nintendo lost this "console war". So now swap the words "N64" with "PS3" the date to 2006, the company is called Sony now and the games are not Zelda an golden Eye but Final Fantasy and Metal Gear. Makes sense, doesn´t it? Diomedes1976 said: Well ,it could have some sense but have in count this . First ,Sony hasnt alienated from itself the third party support at all .Nearly all the occidental games will come out in the PS3 ,and all the japanese ones as well .As bad as you view Sony it gives total liberty to the developers and doesnt interfere in their work or force conditions on them (or censure their work ) as in the times of the Nintendo Seal of Quality .Plus they have lowered the royalties this time out . Second ,the format Nintendo selected was the wrong one because it was much more expensive and with a lot less capacity .BR on the other hand is about the same price as DVD(pennies per disc at most )and has the technology and storage advantage .Right now it is hard to ignore it is beating soundly the HD-DVD and will probably be the next HD movie format of the future . Third ,Nintendo launched the N64 a complete 2 years after Sony the Playstation and more than 2.5 years in Europe .Sony has suffered a delay and launched 1 year after the X360 ,1.3 in Europe (where the X360 hasnt gained a lot of ground ) ...the situation is more akin to the advantage the Dreamcast had when the PS2 arrived that the one the PS1 had over the N64 the prior generation . True enough, Sony hasn't alienated third party support but the PS3 is being launched in a time where exclusive third party games are becomming quite rare. There is almost no third party property where I would be shocked to see a publisher announce that it was being released on both the XBox 360 and PS3, or that a spin off version was being released for the Wii. Would you be overly surprised to hear that Metal Gear Solid was being ported to the XBox 360, or that Final Fantasy XIII: Swords was being made for the Wii? Probably not ... This is a problem with Sony's strategy ... When GTA4 is released this year I have the choice of spending $400 on an XBox or $600 on a PS3 to play that game because I own neither system, does the PS3 offer enough benefit for me to choose to spend $200 extra to own it? Blu-Ray has its disadvantages; the main one being that the player is expensive, and the transfer rate is pretty low.
Well ,third party games tend to be multiplatform thats true .But this doesnt hurt the PS3 more than it hurts the X360 .Plus ,it is easier that the oriental games dont appear on the X360 that the occidental ones cease to appear in the PS3 .And Sony first party software has advantage in the numbers over Microsoft one (huge list of developers acquired or under contract by Sony in the recent years ) so in the software stakes they will be quite close but if there is a small advantage in one plattform I would give it to Sony not to MS . Transfer speed for the BR es better ,the DVD of the X360 is usually compared at its highest transfer rate possible to show it is somewhat faster but it isnt always like that ....the double layered DVD and the inner circles are MUCH slower than the optimal speed it can reach .Plus ,the BR has broke the "region " or "sectors" or "data blocks " limits and the BR acceses at 9Mb second each and every region without having to locate it first .Once the developers get acustomed to the BR geography we will see some advantages in the BR not the contrary .