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Yes, it's true. I was once a proud straight man.

It all started out slowly, my girlfriend and I were planning to get married. We're both gamers and would talk about games all the time, she actually encouraged me to join this site to find a co-op partner for Halo campaigns because she's a COD girl and doesn't like Halo. So I joined this site shortly after Halo 4 came out in search of like minded gamers to make friends with. 

I never been on a site where gays were prevalent, I always wondered why some of the most active users had sexy men as avatars but never gave it much thought. It wasn't long after that we announced we were going to get married and changed our facebook relationship status to make it official. Everything seemed to be falling into place. I had an awesome sexy gamer chick that wanted to marry me, can life get much better? Warning, the following content that follows might be considered mature.

My soon to be wife went to visit her family in California for one week, we live in New York so she goes out to visit them twice a year. At this time I got kind of addicted to VGC, I was pretty much a "regular" at this point. Late one night I was on VGC and saw some sexy avatar from some user (I believe it was Seece), I felt an urge I never felt before. It was like a powerful feeling in my gut, I loosened my belt and proceeded to undo my pants. I fapped right then and there on the computer chair on the video game forum. It was the most powerful orgasm I've ever had, I later lied to myself to said I was looking at some anime girl avatar that was under his post. 

My entire life changed, When I watched straight porn I'd be exclusively looking at the male. Again I'd lie to myself and say that wasn't the case but I knew deep down that something has changed... did I catch the gay? I wondered but scoffed it off. Things got worse, one day I decided to fap and the semen hit me in the face, I effectively had a jizz beard. I did the unthinkable and tried some, "it's not so bad" I thought to myself. It even started to effect my gaming career where the moans from the spartans getting shot in Halo gave me erections. I even fapped once looking at a spartan's crotch in Halo, I never felt so ashamed. I figured once my wifey comes home everything will turn back to normal, right?

My girl came home, I bought her some roses and balloons. She pinned me against the door in our house and she whispered "Sex inbound" in my ear. For the first time ever I was nervous to have sex with her but I figured I'd do it anyways to prove to myself I'm not gay. We went upstairs to our bedroom, I take off her shirt, she takes off my pants. There's an Xbox controller in my back I must've left out, that's okay I like the pain. We're having sex but I'm just not in the "mood". She's getting all disappointed and sad, then by a miracle of Jesus the controller in my back somehow navigates to netflix and is playing some movie staring Jake Gyllenhaal. I feel the same urge I had felt before and we ended up having the best sex we ever had. 

I thought this was my answer, netflix and chill might save me. So now it was tradition that we started a movie before we had sex. I would always start some movie staring a hot male before we got it on, everything seemed to be going good for months but then one night our internet had issues and she insisted that we still had sex "like old times". I had no other choice but to agree or else she would catch on. We laid in our normal positions, we started to strip each other and she could tell something has changed. I wasn't packing a boner when she took my pants off, I laid back and closed my eyes and hoped for the best. I thought of every hot male there was but I couldn't do it, especially with her asking me all these questions like "Baby you okay?", "Are you not in the mood?", "You sure you wanted to have sex?", I even got the "Are you cheating?" thing. Things got pretty intense, she made me sleep on the couch that night.

We didn't talk much the next day either so I took the laptop into the bathroom to release some stress, I stumbled across some thread known as "dat Bulge" here on VGC, It was all I needed. The next day I was awoken with screams and crying, I quickly woke up and saw my girlfriend sitting in a chair crying. I went over there to see what she was looking at and it was the thread. I told her someone sent me the link to that as a joke, I assured her I was straight and she only thought I was gay because we're going through a rough patch. She believed me and schedule us with some couples counselor.

We went into the couples counselor's office and my stomach got tingly. It was the hottest man I had ever seen.... I thought is this my first male crush? During the session I'd take glances at his huge bulge, after the class was over I'd rush home to fuck my girlfriend as fast as possible while his image was still fresh in my mind. I felt bad but I wanted to keep our relationship together no matter what. I had his number and we'd text and go out for coffee and talk. One time out for coffee we both had to go to the bathroom at the same time, while we were both taking a piss I took a glance at his cock... I was literally drooling just seeing it out of the corner of my eyes.

The animal in me took over, I reached for his cock. I was scared of his reaction but he said it was okay and to continue. I ran my hand up and down his cock with one hand while I did the same to mine with the other hand. We both ejaculated into the urinal and moaned. We went to wash our hands afterwards and he slapped my ass and I giggled. It was then I realized I fully caught the gay. The next counseling session he advised my girlfriend and I to take a short 2 month break to let things "cool off" between us.

After the counseling session he held me afterwards to "talk" to me, We quickly started rubbing eath other's bulges and was making out. He bent me over the desk and pulled my pants down aggressively. He then started to finger my asshole, I can hear him unbuckling his belt behind me. I'm dying up excitement, I got the butterflies in my stomach. He sticks his warm throbbing solid cock in my anus and it's the best feeling ever, I've never moaned so loudly before. I hear a door creak open a little and her something drop.

Everything stops, I look to see what happened and my girlfriend is standing there with an eyeful of tears and her purse on the ground. She says "I.... I forgot my phone". I'm in complete shock, I don't even know what to say. I blurted out "VGCHARTZ made me gay!" as she runs out the building. I go to our home and she has all my things out on the porch. She wont answer my calls or texts, a day later she changed her facebook status to single. It was official, VGCharts ruined my relationship with my future wife. I got depressed and asked for a permaban on here at the time, when I came back a few months later I was a ready to accept the gayness within myself.

TLDR, VGChartz turned me gay

PS: Vote for Bernie