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jason1637 said:
Farsala said:

Uncharted 3 helped the PS3 go up 70% YoY and it sold 700k in the same month that had releases like CODMW3, BF3, and Skyrim.

TLOU has since shown big numbers, so I think it is much harder to predict Uncharted 4.

I expect low hardware for April, because it is April. But Uncharted 4 SW might surprise.

Yeah but the thing is that the ps4 will probably have 5 million less consoles in the US by the time uc4 comes out compared to uc3, and uc3 came out during a holiday month so it got a bit of a extra sales. Hopefully that the heavy bundleing of the collection could introduce some new fans yo the series. 

Problem with that is The Last of Us did almost 1m in a non holiday month. Install base is largely irrelevant, its more hype and FW to legs ratio.