I had food poisoning when I was 16. On my holidays, got chicken in a restaurant and it was under cooked. 2 hours later I was on a golf course with my cousin. We were on the 3Rd whole when my vision started going blurry. I felt 100% fine but I couldn't fucking focus. It was freaky. So I make it to the 5th and I tell my cousin I'm not feeling well and we head in.

I call my mother and I get a lift. By now my stomach is aching pretty bad and my vision is fucked. So I go to bed. I woke up an hour later and puked for 30mins. Went back to sleep and when I woke up 4 hours later I felt drained but better.

The next day I was fine. I took no medicine or anything. So you'll probably be ok but if you want my advice get to the hospital. I'm not giving you advice to stay because what if something bad happens.