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BasilZero said:
Farsala said:

Ambulance is too expensive for me right now even with healthcare. If it is as low as $20 fee, would be a huge impact. But I am sure it is more.


As for Poison control center I might consider that, Problem is I feel no symptoms until I move around. If it is as severe as Botulism, I might need proper proof since I ate from government unexpired cans.


Dont you have a credit card or something - or a relative or a friend to contact for assistance in some way?


Call a relative or friend - or ask your neighbor?

Nah, everyone broke. My friends have no cars, I had a car but had to come here without it due to expenses. Might try and get my mom to come in my car, but she didn't seem keen on the idea. Seemed like she wanted me to walk lol.

I pretty much alone out here, but its nice until I get sick. Spring season is always tough because all my savings from working the summer full time drys up.