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poklane said:
Protendo said:

I know I want to see what kind of effect Street Fighter has on platform sales. It'll be intresting to see if these deals are worth it in the long run, and compare it to the Tomb Raider debacle.

Still waiting for Sony to announce that $350 bundle... surely there'll be one?!

Insidb said:

What about the PS4 TR launch?

Tomb Raider? That's Holiday 2016.

Probably not the best of ideas, if I'm Sony, I'm not basing my holiday software around a year old title, I'm releasing much more highly anticipated games I.E. The Last Guardian, Horizon etc.., which basically means TR will likely be sandwiched in between titles w/ more hype.  I mean, I hope it does well, don't get me wrong, but they'll be advertising it on their own (as Sony has other deals/their own IP to advertise).  And, I think it's equally likely those titles Sony will be advertising will also be bundled w/ hardware.