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BasilZero said:
StarOcean said:

Ugh, they'd better confirm them soon who are the new characters thus far?

Only one so far.

New Characters

-Ramza (FFTactics)

Returning Characters
-Warrior of Light (FF1)
-Firion (FF2)
-Onion Knight (FF3)
-Cecil (FF4)
-Bartz (FF5)
-Terra (FF6)
-Cloud (FF7)
-Squall (FF8)
-Zidane (FF9)
-Tidus (FF10)
-Shantotto (FF11)
-Vaan (FF12)
-Lightning (FF13)
-Y'Shtola (FF14)


The respected villains from each of the above games will be in it for sure.

I have a feeling Noctis from FF15 will be in it.

If im not mistaken, Y'Shtola is a new charachter too.FF14 released after Duodecim

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