Voting will be just like VGC Greatest User. If you have entered the contest, you must vote on your round or you will be deducted 3p on your point count. Unlike Greatest User, where most users stay away when it is their round, you are more obligated to vote in your round now. 😃 So, either you get involved in the drama or you lose points. There are reasons why some do not vote in their own round. One reason being, to avoid backlash with other contestants that could affect how later votes will occur.

Other than what was just stated, you will not need to vote in other rounds. You will not be penalized.

Open registration till end of Stage 1 has also been reenacted from the previous contest, but this time the late comers will have a different type of battle.

Once Stage 1 is over we go on into eliminations, which will be straight forward.

A surprise might be thrown somewhere in there or maybe not.

I only get one vote per Round. 😒


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