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16 hours since last update:

#19 PS4 Black Ops 3 Bundle (down 1)
#34 XB1 Gears Bundle (up 4)
#57 N3DS Black (up 3)
#64 PS4 Fool's Edition (up 7)


Originally Posted by Abdiel



Fucking Bored to death here, gents and ladies.

I mean, it's good to have breathing room and catch up on reports/paperwork, but the stories empty out. Tax refunds aren't out yet, so people aren't spending anything yet.

Major drop off, as expected, for both systems. PS4 holding steady as the better seller across our districts. Nothing really all that surprising. I don't see anything really going to change too much in terms of the trend for awhile. We'll see with QB.

Division drawing a lot of interest. Bundle, not so much. Fucking seriously, another $399 bundle?

Christ it's like they don't even care.


The PS5 Exists.