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CladInShadows said:

And those are valid reasons.  I'm not sure the situation is as bad as you indicate, though.  I've gotten games digitally (on Steam and PSN) that was considerably less than the retail copy. It works both ways. But even as valid as those reasons are, I can't imagine just giving up gaming because of it. 

And let's be real. There are a lot of game shelf builders out there that are using that as a major factor in their love for physical and their disdain for digital. They're not selling their games.  They're padding shelves.  Which is cool, I guess.  I just don't understand placing more importance on a game being physical, than the actual act of playing a game.

Depends on the case, person or game. I mean Dragon Age Inquisition, currently on PSN for £30. GOTY Edition is £55. Go into a highstreet and internet store and get the GOYT Edition for £25 or less at the moment, which is the price of the included DLC alone on PSN without the full game as well. Inquisition isn't even available on Steam because EA. This would have hurt their PC sales, they seem to not care however.

If it means you can't afford it because pricing isn't competitive, it's not a choice to give up gaming. And most people have said they would stop modern gaming. Meaning going back to older games they've not played. 

Those last set of people you mention are collectors. Kind of like me and comics. I recently gave up collecting comics not only because they are currently dire beyond words but because they are getting expensive for me (even if I only got one or 2 a month by the end) and the 'discounted' digital version are just not the same. I prefer to actually hold and read it and, if need be, sell it one day. I can't do that with a digital copy.

Hmm, pie.