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potato_hamster said:
Ruler said:

for me absolutley, if Sony, Nintendo and MS decide to make Digital Only hardware in the future then i am done with Mordern Gaming. I dont see the point why i should invest money into something which is dependent on these servers and linceses.

I much rather spent money on things i will be able to play even in 20 or 30 years from now on, no matter what. And its not only longevity but its also the fact that physical copies drop in price but they can increase in price as well. Even mordern retail games like the NA Devils third version becomes a collectors items @day1. Digital games can only go down and you cant resell them. Why should i spent 10-20$ for a 2D Indie game if i can buy SNES or PS1 games who do it better, are sometimes even cheaper and increase in value maybe?

The 8 Gen consoles biggest competitors isnt PC or Mobile but their previous console generations when it comes to my wallet. /rant

You're already dependant on servers and licences. The fact of the matter is, any console maker can stop you from playing a game you bought right now if they really wanted to, regardless of whether it's a digital copy or a hard copy.

nope they cant, i played all my PS4 games offiline

Conina said:
Over 40% of you would stop playing modern games, if there is no retail version? Yeah, right!

A lot of you would cave in, when the new game of your favorite series gets release. Most of the rest would cave in, when 3 - 5 new games of your favorite series are only available as digital versions.

i think they mabye wouldnt quite but they would be cheap as f@ck and piracy would also increase

Pavolink said:
Being digital only is the last of the problems to bother me. In fact, I expect to embrace the digital only future soon.

its allready a digital future. There is not one game being released only Physicley like it used to be. Even during the PS360 era games like MGS 4 were not avaible digitaly until last year.

Why you want Physical medium to die off ?