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GribbleGrunger said:
DonFerrari said:

Just a little more for the fool's edition to break the top 40, or at least be under 50, give me back the last update.

I don't think people realise what a great position Sony are in at the moment. They've basically got their finger on how many PS4 they WANT to ship as opposed to how many they WISH to ship. Throw TLOUR in with that Fool's Edition and you have an immediate spike in sales. They're in control of this generation.

319,00 fools edition to soon lead to 300,00 tlou =] as soon as their plan needs acceleration.

GribbleGrunger said:
AEGRO said:

I barely read the news Gribble!

Is it just a name change? Or does it include other moves?

Here you are:

“By integrating the strengths of PlayStation’s hardware, software, content and network operations, SIE will become an even stronger entity, with a clear objective to further accelerate the growth of the PlayStation® business,” said Andrew House, President and Global CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. and Group Executive in charge of Network Entertainment of Sony Corporation. “Along with our business partners, SIE will develop pioneering services and products that will continue to inspire consumers’ imaginations and lead the market. We will work hard to maximize corporate value by coordinating global business operations across San Mateo, Tokyo, and London by leveraging local expertise.”

One thing that immediately springs to mind is the possibility of global releases of all 1st party games. It certainly means a big push for higher production values and a more consistant quality. Sony are basically treating the Playstation brand as a brand in its own right. It will no longer be Sony who make the PS4 but rather Playstion IS Sony. That distinction has huge implications and I'm excited to see what possible changes we're likely to see. I wonder if the whole Enig incident was connected with the new direction Sony are takiing. Perhaps they thought the quality wasn't good enough? Who knows, but it's fun to try and spot the occasional clue.

Something's afoot.

enig incident?

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