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OneKartVita said:
Dr.Vita said:


Yep, it was definitely a good decision to put FFX/X-2 on Vita. :)


They have awesome vita support coming but why stop there.  Why not give vita a port of the 3DS dq11?  Maybe Nintendo paid for exclusivity on the 3DS and the NX handheld? 

The reason is, it would have been a total waste of resources. When it comes to multiplattform games PSV pretty much gets most of the time either low budget PS4 games that are easy to port or PSV games become multiplattform due to otherwise low software sales expectations, otherwise we would have seen more games like Star Ocean 5 also on PSV, or also on PS3 available games like the Yakuza series.


PS4s version of DQ11 is beeing made on Unreal Engine 4, which means an easy port to PSV isn´t possible. The 3DS version isn´t possible due to missing 2nd screen, so the initial contempary 3D and 2D gameplay isn´t possible and a port isn´t as easy to make it worthwile and pretty much useless considering the DQ fanbase is already on 3DS in Japan and there is already a PS4 version to target the western market.