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PlayStation fanboys talk so much shit, and get away with it all the time. The problem is, and the mods are a major part of the problem, is they empower you fanboys, and punish anyone else for engaging them. My last ban exemplifies this to a t. Some playstation fanboy says something to me, I directly answered his bullshit post, and the mod says I get banned for not adding to the topic... but his did? Fucking stupid. 




This website is a joke. It's plagued by childish playstation fanboys, that get to utilize freedom of speech, while the rest get the ban hammer. Prominent users are leaving? What a surprise. Who the hell wants to be a part of a giant circle jerk? These guys jizz blue, all over eachother.




While there are some good guys here, they are heavily outnumbered by overly excited company fanboys. PlayStation fanboys are always right, anyone else, is banned. 




Here's the funny thing, I play tons of playstation 4 games, I'm about 50/50 with the xbox 1. I'm embarrassed to say I play the ps4, because the blue fanboys act so fucking retarded. 




Mods, you want to really make this forum, and overall website grow? Quit being massive sony fanboys yourselves, and stop allowing sony trolls to fuck with everyone else, without consequence. 




I'd love to tell quite a few of you by name to fuck off, but I don't give a fuck enough to do it. Fuck you sony fanboy brigade. Fuck you mods for letting this pack of assholes run free and out of control. Keep doing what you do, soon enough it will be what you want, a forum full of Sony fanboys jerking each-other off daily.




Oh no, a permaban?! Let me wipe away the tears. Bye bye now, it's been a fucking blast. See ya, Sony fanboy chartz.

Moderated (Obviously)