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Dr.Vita said:
PowerXXX said:


Actually a GAF insider said that FFX/X-2 performance on Vita is exactly the reason it gets more support (and he/she said it before Square Enix starts the PSVITA announcements).


Yep, it was definitely a good decision to put FFX/X-2 on Vita. :)

Yep :)

Also, speaking of FFX/X-2, one of the reasons that i can't wait for this year's Media Create white book is the updated numbers for the PS4 version. It debuted slow and got out of the Top 20-30 quickly but according to Dengeki, it stayed in Top 50 for some time, so it should be selling around 2-3k every week for some time.

Maybe if someone can find the numbers of the PS3 and Vita version including digital and then add the PS4 sales, FFX/X-2 HD may be at 800k in Japan! 

And there are people that still say that FF is on decline when an HD collection is doing such numbers. It may be on a small delcine like everyhting in Japan (Monster Hunter for example) but in no way it is so tragic as some people believe.