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MikeRox said:
Train wreck said:

Please stay in your Nintendo lane if you are not going to read.  For 2016 the weeks are not aligned properly.


@Dr. Vita For charting purposes, I would start 2016 for media create at week 2 so its shows its properly alignment.  Its up about 10k over last year.


Nicely nestled between 2014 and 2015 if you take week 53 of 2015 as week 1 of 2016. It's very early days, but factoring in the games due in 2016 bodes well for a yoy increase.

Minecraft helped the vita achieve flat y/y sales.  This year, with the strong start, there is still a change to be flat to up y/y (price cut, games, kencolle, etc) itll be an interesting year for sure!