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Ruler said:
Trump is direct and honest, every none-american should stop thinking like they are american. What they will vote is often times not in your interrest.

Trump's matter of factness when he speaks convinces people that he's being honest. But when held accountable by many non-partisan fact checking web sites he almost always rates as the most dishonest candidate in the entire Republican and Democratic field. 

For example, Politifact's annual "Lie of the year" went to the campaign misstatements of the Donald. This is unprecedented as every other year since their inception they have given the distinction to one specific statement. The lies of the Trump campaign in 2015 were all so significant that they couldn't even decide on just one. 

Please don't be fooled by his bluntness. His rhetoric is dangerous and does more to marginalize people and create extremism across the globe.

run away!