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shakarak said:

As an American Male I very much dislike him. I dislike any politician who uses scapegoats (mexicans, immigrants, etc) to blame for real issues the country is facing. In my opinion the country's problems will not be solved by banning Muslims or building a wall to protect against the Mexicans like he would like you to believe.

The major issues are more likely to be resolved by improving income inequality which will help with crime, gender equality, low wages, reduction of social safety net expenses etc. Secondly by fixing a broken tax system by resolving multiple loopholes that re in it especially for corporations, churches, and foreign tax save havens for the rich. Additionally by lowering corporate taxes while at at the same time raising taxes for the rich is something that needs to be done but never will. Lastly getting money out of politics so we become more like a populist democracy and not such of a borderline Oligarchy. Trump will do nothing to address the above referenced. Additionally, the policies he does reference such as bombing IS and taking their oil, making Mexico pay for a wall, and registering all Muslims visiting the country he has been unable to provide actual substance on how he will go about doing. Just makes him look like he is constantly talking out his ass and hitting key emotional triggers in poorer less educated Americans to make them rally behind him. /endrant

While I agree with most of these points, I think the tax code needs to be replaced. Closing many of the loopholes will not fix the imbalance of he brackets.