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theprof00 said:
Trumps whole thing is that he talks to the people on their level.
I don't thinkk he really has any qualifications to make him the president and I think the only reason why people like him is because he comes off as "that guy from the barbershop that makes a lot of sense when you don't check his facts"
Americans are stupid. They think they should have a president that thinks and talks like them. The problem is that someone who thinks and talks like the average person, is an average person himself, not a president.

Furthermore, Trump uses his hands a lot and is very streetwise. Beware of people who use their hands a lot when they're talking. Most people I've met that do this are liars.

I would say that those who "talk with their hands" tend to be more emotional and prone to exagerration (which could be termed a form of lying).