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BasilZero said:
Chazore said:
Well fuck I had my entire list screen shotted, cropped and all ready in place within one large ratio vector, then I tried to crop the whole thing and totally forgot to save before it crashed >.<.

Cba going through all that again so I'll work on the list again and post in some time later because that list barely made it towards the max height PS allowed me to go with.


Did you do it in paint o.O


I did mine in paint lol.

Lol I'm old fashioned and used Paint shop pro 8 (before they were bought out and chanegd since then).

Though I am intending to use Sai at some point when I decide I want to draw some time again and buy a tablet.

As for the list I kept taking shots and cropping each shot to how yours looked, I dunno why PS8 just crashed on me when I tried to do the final crop (probably due to the image size and the fact it had more than 10 layers since I like to keep separate objects that way when I image edit.

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