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mornelithe said:

Or you can just make a credits mode, where the game skips directly to the end credits so you don't have to put in any effort at all.  I think what you're looking for, is a book.  But then, that'd require reading...hmm, that's difficult for some.  So maybe a book with footnotes?  I mean, it still requires reading, but it gives you the gist of it.


Nah man, too much effort. I would like to put forward the "Participation Sticker", in which paying the price for Bloodborne lands you a sticker that reads "I beat Bloodborne"

But then you have to go through the trouble of cleaning off the sticker gunk after it gets too old.  They should probably offer a free cleaning assistant to come and take care of the mess, also.

No, that is an outrageous proposition. What we need, is a LAWSUIT (!)