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Shadow1980 said:

Hourly Update (~3 hours since last update)

PS4 COD bundle: #15 (↑1)
PS4 Star Wars bundle: #19 (↑2)
XBO Gears bundle: #31 (↓1)
New 3DS XL: #55 (↓5)
PS4 NDC bundle: #85 (↑8)
XBO 3-game bundles: #94 (↓2)
PS4 standalone: #97 (↑2)

While it's been less than 48 hours since it happened and thus too early to establish a trend, if things keep up January could be a runaway victory for the PS4, the gap being even bigger than it was last January. For the last couple of days at least, at the COD & Star Wars bundles are way ahead of the best-selling XBO bundle. At it's not as big of a runaway for the PS4; the COD bundle is at #1 while the Gears bundle is #13, the Star Wars bundle is at #21, the Wii U at #31, and the Tomb Raider bundle at #38.

The XBO couldn't manage to be the overall winner of the first three quarters of this year even at $50 below parity. With pricing now back at parity, the XBO doesn't stand a chance. MS better hope that the PS4 doesn't reintroduce the $300 price point permanently anytime soon. It's a price war they can't win, especially if their primary objective is to make money off the XBO instead of trying to get it to be market leader in the U.S.

Yeah I forgot that the Xbox One was cheaper for like 9 months.  Also, it will be interesting to see what the overall gap change is.   The gap grew in 2015.