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jason1637 said:
Sixteenvolt420 said:

True. Though last year XB1 had two very big wins in two very big months. So it amounted to hundreds of thousands of units.
This year they won only by 7k one month (it was a poor month for all consoles) and I think it was 13k another month.

Btw, I recall someone with a Levi avatar commenting on how the Star Wars bundle was "dropping fast" three months ago because the Beta was over and "the hype had died down", every time it went down 2 or 3 spots, and dissmissing comments saying the movie coming out would push sales of the bundle. Wonder how he feels about how it's been doing as of late. Pretty good getting #3 for a bundle with no hype.


Yeah last year they won the most important months while this year it wasn't really the same case.

Finally installed AD Block on Chrome. First visit, it blocked 5 Ads.